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There are a lot of Seconlife fashion blogs out there to chose from which is why I haven't decided to do another one... Well, not exactly anyway. I would really like to share the wonderful world of alternative fashion with you.. I highlight everything from Retro to Gothic, from Latex to Cyber. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of great haute couture out there in our virtual world but to me the fun lies in the cracks and crevasses that is alt fashion. I hope you will join me for lots of fun and some wonderful looks. your comments are always welcome as are any requests. Lets explore the edgier side of fashion together!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm back...

I have been away for a long time but my friend Sydney Garnet convinced me to start shooting again so this is all her doing.  She helped me with this wonderful location and gave me the courage to return to blogging.  I hope you enjoy this I know know I really enjoyed putting it together for you.


Style Card
Dress: Refined Princess by Dirty Princess
Shoes: Rebel Wedge by Shu Shu
Bracelet: Born to Raise Hell by Chop Zuey
Necklace: Nornir by ROZOREGALIA
Earrings Le Bolshevik by Chop Zuey

Hair: S-Curl Mohawk by Unorthodox 
Lashes: BB Mesh & Wasabi Mills Lashes (Yes, I'm wearing two pair of lashes in this picture, try it, you might like it.)
Make up: Mock Cosmetics
Ears: Simple Ears by ManDala
Hands: Casual Slink hands
Feel High Slink women's feet
Breasts: Venus Deyn Fit mesh breasts (Size slight) by Synful Needs

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today I thought I would try to interject a little class into my blog with this beautiful Dress from Sonatta Morales.  Everytime I go to her store I come away with something amazing!  She has been designing clothes in SL for a very long time and it's obvious why that is, nobody does what she can.  This dress is inspired more from the 1930's I believe more than from my usual 1950's but it is absolutely to die for! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Style card: 

Dress: Noite bySonatta Morales
Jewelery set: Misery & Oreos by Chop Zeuy (I generally don't use a whole set but I thought this one just went really well with this dress)
Shoes: Heart Breaker sandals by Mon Cheri

Tattoo: Flywithme by Grungeink (I picked this up at the Thrift Store, I really like it)
Slink hands and feet  and my League Skin

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!

Don't all girls wander around their houses in their lingerie?  Have a wonderful Valentines Day...

Style Card:

Skull Corset:  DRBC

Panties and Stockings: Faster Pussycat

Boots: VvB

Hair: RunAway

Ear: Mandala Tapered Ear

Make up: Mock Make up (My lips are Pink Fuel Ink under Mock's Mizu Lip Gloss Russian red.  Mock makes her lips glosses transparent so you can get a lot of different effects... It's very cool!)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's a new year

Another year has come and gone in the SL universe, we have a new CEO, mesh has really taken hold and our inventories have probably gotten fatter.  Once, maybe twice a year I go through my inventory and clean it out.  This year I decided to really cut deep.  I have things from the first year I logged onto SL, don't get me wrong, I got rid of my freebies years ago but I still had a lot of stuff that frankly looked like SL circa 2007. During my deep cleaning I came across this dress from Eshi Otawara and was a little surprised that it still looked relatively
good.  I have to admit that I did get it in 2012 so it's not super old but is before Mesh. At this point my affinity for shiny things took over and I wondered how I might style it.  I don't ever remember even wearing it before.  Next thing I know I have this outfit.  One of the first non retro inspired things I've done in a long time but I still like it a lot.  I hope you enjoy it too...

One of the my goal in this outfit was not to get anything new for it so I'm not sure if  all these designers are still around.

Dress: Black Lace up cocktail by Eshi Otawara
Boots are "Elise" by Lapointe& Bastchild
My collar (neck corset) and waist corset are from Etchaflesh (I know she is still around)
My right ear (yes that right just the one) I have Mandala's Tapered Ears
In my left is a simple Mandala ear with a nose chain and piercings that I found on MP and a Le Bolshevik Pink Earring that was a gift from Chop Zuey

My skin is Isla by League as always
I recently got this new Tattoo from Letis, it's called All is Vanity and it comes with Lolas Tango appliers and appliers for Slink hands.  I really like and I find myself wearing it a lot, I'm also wearing Slink Casual hands.
My hair is by one of the best in braids, cornrows and dreadlocks, Discord Designs, I have a few of their designs.

Have fun with your styling and hopefully I've inspired you to look through your inventory and see what you might find.  Hugs!

Thursday, January 30, 2014



This evening isn't really about Fashion or even about what the picture is of.  It is more about stretching some technical boundaries that I was curious about.  So with that in mind and due to the fact that you would really have to strain your poor little eyes to see what I'm wearing I'm not going to include a style card with this.  I'm just going to ask that you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All That Jazz

This time I thought I would share this beautiful 50's inspired gown by Sonatta Morales. It was so amazing I thought it deserved a place on stage. This time I got a little help from Mr. Fred Dinkle om Piano. I really like how this came out, The mic stand and set really cooperated to give me something that I really liked without too much trouble.

Style Card

Me: The Dress is Sonatta Morales *8* Rapture. Sonatta is my go to gal for anything Vintage Elegance. She has some wonderful day wear as well and she told me that she is elbows deep designing more wonderful Mesh designs for us all...

The Necklace is from Dahlinks and it is called "Jazz Baby". I found it on Marketplace. The Bracelet is from Chop Zuey and my wedding band is from JCNY. (I'm not sure they still make it, I've had it for 3 years now.) Not that you can see them very well but my ears are courtesy of Mandala.

My Make up is a combination on Mons and Mock Cosmetics and my skin is League, as always. The little Tat on my chest is from Endless Pain and I'm wearing slink hands, The fist is around the mic stand and the other is relaxed. Last but not least my hair is from Amacci.

Mr. Dinkle: Fred's Tux is from Hoorenbeck. I looked all over for a nice tux and in my opinion this is one of the better ones. His shoes are Redgrave Classic loafers. You know, shopping for a male avi is hard!

His Skin is Logo (They make a very nice distinguished looking avi) and his hair is from Redgrave. They have a lot of nice things for males there.

I made the set (I mean 2 walls and a floor, how hard is that?) and piano and mic are from deviousMind in their Fetish Caberet selection. The pose is in the microphone (I did quite a bit of adjusting but I think it was worth it.)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waiting at the Diner

It's been awhile I know and there probably aren't too many people following my blog at the moment but that's ok.  I've been trying to get some motivation back to shoot and write  and hopefully I have it.  I talked To Dizzy Kit of DRBC about retro styled latex clothing and she assured me that she was working on some and then suddenly she gave me this great skirt!  Not too many designers do latex clothing that isn't strictly fetish oriented, you know, like catsuits and such.  While I like that stuff too (what girl doesn't like to be held tightly) I often wish there was more in SL that was similar to what Miss Mosh wears on occasion (Outer wear that just happens to be made of latex).  I think with the inclusion of mesh in Secondlife it is time that we can start seeing a little more of this sort of clothing.  Anyway, enough ramblings of a silly girl, I hope you have enjoyed my offering.

Style Card

The Skirt is DRBC Latex Ruffle Pencil Skirt in black, the top is DRBC the Hell Bent Bettie Halter in Red
and the shoes are from Dirty Princess, The Bombshell Princess Platforms made for the Mid Slink foot.

I'm wearing The Hell Raiser bracelet from Chop Zuey and my favorite glasses from PurpleMoon the Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses. I also have a nose stud and lip ring but you can't see them so...

The tattoo is Memoirs of a Geisha from Para Designs and the make up is a combo of Mock Cosmetics and Mons Cosmetics (Mocky's lip gloss is sheer so I wear a two tone lip stick under a bright red gloss, I love the effect) I have the Jamman Nails that I'm so fond of but I'm wearing Slink mid feet, my new favorite.  My Skin is Isla from League as always and my hair is from Ploom, it's called Chelsea.

As always there is a little highlighting from Lumipro wearable lights, I don't leave home without them.  My pose is by Manifeste and the set is by Dirty Rat.  I've changed the tone in photoshop so you won't find the windlight settings to match this effect but hey, a girl has to have some secrets.

Hugs and kisses to all you sweet kittens and cool kats and I hope I have something rad to share with you again soon.